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Thorough cleaning

High priority when developing our swimming pool bottom cleaner is given to cleaning efficiency. We are convinced that we are undefeated in it. To achieve this, we focus on

  • an effective filter system
  • a good hydraulic system
  • an intelligent driving pattern for the systematic cleaning
  • the scrubbing action of the brushes, friction effect of the water

An effective filter system

Our cleaners are equipped exclusively with filter cartridges. They guarantee a large filter surface. This in turn is required for cleaning of a much frequented pool, where due to the environment and the large number of people much dirt gets into the pool water.

The filtered dirt is trapped in a filter box. This way it cannot fall back into the pool. After completion of the cleaning, the box can be carried to the dirt disposal site.

For quick and easy cleaning of the filter cartridges we offer the puromat. However, the filter can be simply rinsed under running water. This is possible, because the monofilament filter cloth has good rinsing capabilities, which was even proved by a study of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

The more dirt is transported away from the pool floor, the more breeding ground for biofilm is removed and your water treatment relieved, which ultimately means less chemistry.

A good hydraulic system

Together with the ETH Zurich (Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule), we conducted an analysis of water suction among the devices and carried out necessary optimisation. Even the hydraulic in the unit is not left to chance. Results of which are,

  • extreme traction control
  • extreme climbing ability
  • noswirled dirt that escape the filtering
  • clean pool floor over the whole cleaning lane in each direction

  • An intelligent driving pattern for the systematic cleaning

    The patented H driving pattern is the fastest in the world. We convince however not with speed, but with precise H and N driving patterns. This way you can be sure that your pool is cleaned from one end to the other.  more

    Scrubbing action of the brushes, friction effect of the water

    Active spinning brushes scrub the pool floor and make it thoroughly clean. Where no brushes can be used, the rollers are shaped in such way that drawn in water has a friction effect on the ground, which in turn generates the cleaning effect.

    Side brushes of the proliner navi3 remove the dirt from the side edges and corners. The clubliner, clubliner plus, proliner and proliner plus are designed so that they do not need side brushes, because due to their design, they fit into corners and directly absorb the dirt.