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Ease of use

Cleaning robots are designed for daily use. This means that the units are simple and intuitive to use.

Automtic emersion (for navigator II and topliner)

  • Ease of use for everyone
  • Fast and comfortable

Transport trolley and cable drum

  • Comfortable handling - speeds up the daily work
  • Quick putting away - professional order

Radio remote control

  • Self-explanatory operation - directly from the edge of the pool
  • As there is no turbulent water flow out of the device pump which makes the device poorly visible, the robot can be manoeuvred precisely in manual mode
  • No time delay between radio button and manoeuvre of the unit in the water

Filter in filter box

  • All of the filtered out dirt is located in the filter box
  • The filter box can be easily removed from the device and then carried without loss of dirt to the disposal place
  • Filter cartridges with a large filter area and large filter box favour a large dirt pick-up

Intelligent logic without programming

  • Suitable driving programme is stored on a quick dial key
  • Press the start button and the cleaning begins – lane by lane or X-program