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puromat: Filter cartridge cleaner

Your filter cartridges are professionally cleaned with puromat. Take advantage of the proven benefits of 3S: 

  • safe - puromat saves time and effort
  • clean - optimum cleaning of filter cartridges
  • fast - 4 cartridges are perfectly clean within less than 1 minute

Using it is surprisingly simple

  1. Connect puromat to the water supply.
  2. Open the valve …
  3. … and the cartridges are clean!
Two jet nozzles spray water on each filter cartridge, whereas one jet puts the cartridge in rotation and the other jet rinses the pleats. The jet head is being moved up and down automatically at a predetermined speed through a lifting cylinder along the filter cartridges.

Technical data

Appliance incl. hood14 kg

540 x 390 x 720 mm

Water pressure

3-5 bar



Filter cartrdigesAll filter cartridges of mariner 3S models can be cleaned with puromat, except compact and yellow