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puromat & filtertwister:
For perfectly cleaned filters

With the puromat cleaning device, your filter cartridges are easily and automatically cleaned.

The puromat cleans 3 filter cartridges at the same time. Use the proven 3S advantages:
• safe - you save time and effort
• clean - optimum cleaning of filter cartridges
• fast - cartridges are perfectly clean within less than 2 minutes

Thats how it works:
1. Place the puromat in a place where the dirty water can drain off well.
2. Connect the device to the water supply.
3. Place the dirty filter cartridges on the filter holders.
4. Turn on the tap and let the jet head run 2x up and 2x down.
5. Close the tap.

Technical data:

Appliance incl. hood14 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)

60 x 55 x 99 cm

Water pressure

3-5 bar



Filter cartrdigesAll filter cartridges of mariner 3S models can be cleaned with puromat

The filter cartridge holder filtertwister helps with manual cleaning of all 3S filter cartridges.

The filtertwister is mall, handy and fits on any wall. It is available in three versions:
• filtertwister S for filter cartridges of clubliner and clubliner plus
• filtertwister M for filter cartridges of proliner and proliner plus
• filtertwister L for filter cartridges of proliner navi3

Thats how it works:
1. Place the filtertwister on a wall.
2. Place the dirty filter cartridge on the filter holder.
3. Clean the filter cartridge with a jet of water by moving the jet downwards and causing the cartridge to rotate.