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proliner & proliner plus:
For large pools and Spas

For large swimming pools over 25 meters length, which are smaller than olympic pools, and for thermal SPAS, Mariner 3S has developed the product line proliner. As a result, the devices proliner and proliner plus were created. With these high-performance cleaning robots, pool supervisors and decision-makers for public and private baths have a tailor-made device: it combines powerful suction power, high cleaning efficiency, large filter capacity, intelligent automatic operation and ease of use.



proliner? proliner plus? What is the difference?

The difference is in the plus of a sensor: the Basic Sensor. This allows the proliner plus to pass parallel to the path and to detect obstacles. The proliner plus is capable of travel patterns H, N and X. Travel pattern H is patented and world's fastest comprehensive cleaning program. The proliner lacks this sensor and, therefore, is capable of travel pattern X only.
Additionally the radio remote control of the proliner plus is equipped with a display. This provides greater convenience for navigation.



Intelligent travel programmes clean every pool in a short space of time. In doing so, sensors support the travel programmes in recording the features of the pool. In beach pools switching takes place automatically before leaving the water and in front of diving pits a change of direction can be initiated.

Cleaning performance

The negative pressure of more than 15 kg generated by the hydraulics and the construction of the robot and the frictional effect of the water cause a cleaning which leaves clear traces - in pools of minimal 30 cm water depth. The proliner fits into corners and travels along the edges where it removes debris without problems.


Sophisticated hydraulics guarantee effective cleaning performance over the complete width of the machine. The dirty water is first fed through the filter and then through the pumps. Thus the pumps are protected against blockages and damage.

Filter capacity

There are 6 filter cartridges in the spacious filter box. The large-area filters hold back a lot of debris. This is collected in the filter box. At the end of cleaning the box can be conveniently removed from the top of the robot and be carried to the place where the debris is disposed of and the filters are cleaned.


The proliner is a lightweight with its 28 kg. The operator moves it easily and conveniently with the supplied transport trolley. By radio remote control he controls the device from the cart to the pool edge and drives it into the pool. Just as easy, he maneuveres it back to the transport cart by radio remote control after completion of the cleaning.

Scope of delivery

Cleaning device with integrated filter box and filter set
Transport trolley with cable drum
Remote control with features such as operating hours and cycle counter, menu choice, parameter settings
Basic sensor for Lane-by-Lane cleaning, only clubliner plus
Radio remote control
Commissioning and staff training on site

Technical data

Weight and dimensions

Weight transport trolley with cable

49 kg

Weight robot

28 kg

Total net weight

77 kg

Dimensions robot (W x L x H)  60 x 55 x 37 cm
Dimensions robot on transport trolley (W x L x H)80 x 90 115 cm

Electrical connection

Supply voltage

100-120/200-240 V AC (~)


50/60 Hz

Current consumption

6-4 A

Nominal output0,5 kW
Power cable, length10/20 m

Device data

Operating voltage

24 V DC (=)


16 A

Input power      

0,45 kW

Protection type       IP 68
Protection class   III
Cleaning widthup to 700 mm
Pump capacity    850 l/min
Climbing abilityInclinations up to 28 °
6 Lamellar filters, fineness50/100/130 µm
Floating cable, length30/40/50 m
Travelling speed7,5-18 m/min


Manual operationWireless, radio remote control
Emergency operationControl panel keypad
Radio frequency869/433 MHz

Automatic operation proliner

X drive pattern   more

Automatic operation proliner plus

X-, N-, H-drive pattern more

Setting of the start time for automatic modeImmediate start or start delay
Switch-over in automatic modeon wall contact
without wall contact (after a predefined distance)
on inclination
at inclination (proliner plus only)
for beach pools (proliner plus only)
Bypassing obstaclesproliner plus
Manual operationWith radio remote control forward, backward, turning left, turning right, turning on the spot, 3 speeds

Environment properties

Minimum water depth20-30 cm (depending on features)
Maximun water depth10 m (8-10 m with reservations)
Water temperature10-40 °C
Water qualityFreshwater, sea, thermal, brine water; baths with conventional or biological water treatment