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proliner natur:
High pressure cleaner for natural swimming pools

Natural and organic pools require special cleaning equipment. Natural swimming pools have a greater tendency to form biofilms. This biofilm, which is the breeding ground for the formation of allergens, adheres strongly to the pool floor and can be removed only with great force.

For this particular application Mariner 3S has developed an own appliance: a modern floor cleaning equipment has been combined with a high pressure unit. As a result, it is possible to dissolve the persistent biofilm from the pool floor, effectively aspirate, transport into the filter box and filter it out. The dirt is not only dissolved, but removed from the pool. 

Special version - cleaning equipment

Device with basic sensor for lane by lane cleaning
Suction width up to 700 mm
Filter box with 6 filter cartridges 50/100/130 my
Flap rollers in front and power rollers in the back
40 m floating device cable with connector
Leak detection in transmission and control chambers
Pump capacity of 850 l/min
Power consumption P1 800 watt
Operating voltage: safety extra-low voltage 24 V DC
Self-surfacing for normal filter load with option big filter surface
Cleaning speed of 8,6 m to 12 m/min
Integrated high pressure rotor with swivel

Transport trolley with high-pressure unit

High pressure aggregate 250 bar, 13 l/min
400 V, 50 Hz (optional)
25 meters high pressure floating hose
8 m power cord with 16 A CE- plug
3 m suction hose with suction filter for the removal of water from the swimming pool (no fresh water supply)
Transport trolley with hose reel
Pressure gauge

Filter cleaning with mariner 3S puromat

Mariner 3S recommends using the puromat for the cleaning of heavily soiled filters. More information can be found in the puromat product description.