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proliner natur:
With high pressure for a pure natural pool.

Natural and organic pools require special cleaning equipment. Natural swimming pools have a greater tendency to form biofilms. This biofilm, which is the breeding ground for the formation of allergens, adheres strongly to the pool floor and can be removed only with great force.

For this particular application Mariner 3S has developed an own appliance: a modern floor cleaning robot has been combined with a high pressure unit. As a result, it is possible to dissolve the persistent biofilm from the pool floor, effectively aspirate, transport into the filter box and filter it out. The dirt is not only dissolved, but removed from the pool. 

Closed water circuit: No water is drained from the pool that would have to be replaced by fresh water. The water to operate the high pressure is also taken directly from the pool.


Special version - cleaning equipment

Device with basic sensor for automtaic lane by lane cleaning
Filter box with 6 filter cartridges and a surface up to 6 m2
Flap rollers at the front and power rollers at the back
Floating cable of the robot and an additional connection for the high pressure floating hose
Leak detection in transmission and control chambers
Automatic surfacing function with the option of large filter capacity
Integrated high pressure rotor with swivel
Operation with and without high pressure module possible

Transport trolley with high-pressure unit

Transport trolley with cable drum
High pressure modul mounted on the trolley
High pressure floating hose
Power cable with CE plug (16 A)
Suction hose with suction filter for removing water directly from the swimming pool (no fresh water supply)

Technical data

Weight and dimensions transport trolley with robot

Weight transport trolley with cable

62 kg

Weight robot

38 kg

Total net weight100 kg

Dimensions robot (W x L x H)

60 x 78 x 37 cm
Dimensions robot on transport trolley (W x L x H)78 x 106 x 115 cm

Electrical connection robot

Supply voltage

100-120/200-240 V AC


50/60 Hz

Current consumption6-4 A

Nominal output

0,5 kW
Power cable length10/20 m

Device data robot

Operating voltage

24 V DC


16 A
Input power0,45 kW

Protection type

Protection classIII
Device width600 mm
Cleaning widthup to 700 mm
Pump capacity850 l/min
6 lamella filters, grade50/100/130 my
Floating cable length30/40/50 m
Drivce speeds7,5-18 m/min

Transport trolley with high pressure unit

Suppley voltage

400 V


50 Hz
Current consumption12,5 A/7500 W

Protection type

High pressure unit250 bar, 13 l/min
Highe pressure floating hose length25 m
Power cable length8 m
Suction hose length3 m
Total net weight81 kg
Dimesions of transport trolley (W x L x H)62 x 71 x 114 cm


Manual operationWireless, radio remote control
Emergency operationControl panel keypad
Radio frequency869/433 MHz

Automatic drive patterns

H, N, X-program   more

Setting of the start time for automatic mode

Immediate start or start delay

Switch-over in automatic modeon wall contact
after a certain distance
on inclination
ahead of a pit
on obstacles
for beach pool
Manual operationWith radio remote control forward, backward, turning left, turning right, turning on the spot, 3 speeds

Environment properties

Minimum water depth20-30 cm (depending on features)
Maximum water depth10 m (8-10 m only with restrictions)
Water temperature10-40 °C
Water qualityFreshwater, sea, thermal, brine water, baths with conventional or biological water treatment