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The perfect solution for smaller pools, paddling pools and pool steps

With Oscar, we have taken the goal for simple and uncomplicated handling literally. Because Oscar is the first handheld cleaner with proven mariner 3S lamella filter cartridge technology. It is completely self-sufficiently and does not need to be connected to a filter system. Thanks to its battery operation, Oscar cleans without the restriction of an electrical cable and thus enables greater freedom of movement without the need for a power socket.

This is how it works:

Charge the battery, connect the telescopic pole to the cleaner, strap on the belt with the battery adapter, connect the adapter to the telescopic pole, fix the battery into the adapter, lower the cleaner into the pool and start the pump via the switch. Let's go!

Move the Oscar forward and backward over the pool floor to suck up the debris.

Where does the dirt that got sucked in go?

No strain on the pool filter system, as the dirt is transported into the filter box through two openings on the underside of the unit. Two lamella filter cartridges prevent the dirt collected in the filter box from escaping back into the pool. Once you have finished cleaning your pool, unlock the bracket that fixes the transparent lid and remove the lid. Grasp the filter box by the handle provided and transport it to the place where you want to remove the dirt from the filterbox and filter.

Filter capacity

2 lamella filters guarantee a large filter surface. The spacious filter box can be conveniently removed from the top of the unit and carried to the cleaning place without losing dirt. There, the filters are cleaned quickly and easily.

Care and storage

For hygienic and performance reasons, clean the filters and the filter box after each use. To ensure that the filter cartridges dry well, do not place them in the filter box or remove the lid. We have chosen a high-quality material for the filters so that you can use them for up to two years with good care.

Do not remove the telescopic pole from the cleaning device. The less you loosen the watertight screw connection, the longer the tightness will remain.

Always store the battery in dry inhouse areas and at temperatures between 10 and 35 °C.

Scope of delivery

• 1 cleaning device with 2 lamella filter cartridges
• 1 telescopic pole 1,6 to 3,0 meters
• 1 battery
• 1 battery charger
• 1 belt with battery adaptor and switch

Optionally available:

• Extra battery if you want to clean for more than 30 minutes at a time.
• Longer telescopic pole 2,5 to 5,0 meters.
• Brush bar if you want to remove easily adhering dirt.
• Finer filters of 50 µ or coarser filters with 130 µ meshes.

    Technical data

    Cleaning unit (without battery, adaptor and charger)

    Weight without telescopic pole

    9,5 kg

    Weight of telescopic pole 1,6 to 3,0 meters

    1,5 kg

    Device width (cleaning width)420 mm
    Device length250 mm
    Length of telescopic pole 1,6-3,0 m (optional 2,5-5,0 m)
    Protection typeIP68
    Operating voltage24 VDC (=)
    Fineness lamella filters100 µ (optional 50 µ + 130 µ)


    Battery Li-Ion24 V / 4,0 Ah
    Battery life per cycle30 minutes
    Battery charging time120 minutes
    Battery weight0,8 kg

    Charger for battery

    Supply voltage

    230 VAC (~)


    50 / 60 Hz
    Current consumption2 A
    Nominal output50 W
    Power cable, lenght1,7 m
    Protection classII

    Environment properties

    Immersion depthmin. 30 cm
    cleaning depthup to approx. 10 cm possible
    Water temperature10-40 °C
    Water qualityFresh water, sea water, thermal water, brine water; baths with conventional or biological water treatment