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Fully automatic pool cleaners of Mariner 3S

The right solution for every pool

The mariner 3S pool bottom cleaner is suitable for:

  • Indoor and outdoor pools
  • Pools with conventional water treatment and bio-pools
  • Pools with freshwater, thermal water and salt water

For pools up to 25 metres length

clubliner plus: The intelligent with basic sensor and cleaning width up to 530 mm cleans lane by lane. more

clubliner: The economic with cleaning width up to 530 mm cleans with the mariner 3S X-program. more

For pools of more than 25 metres length

proliner & proliner plus: The cleaning robot with powerful suction power and high cleaning efficiency for big pools. mehr

proliner navi3: Top class with big filter capacity, rotating brushes and cleaning width up to 700 mm cleans any pool lane by lane. more

For natural swimming pools

proliner HD with integrated high pressure cleaner: for effective removal of biofilm. more

For filter cleaning

puromat: The ideal accessory for a quick and clean filter cartridge cleaning. more