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proliner navi3:
The intelligent solution for olympic pools and adventure parks

The intelligent proliner navi3 with rotating brushes cleans each pool lane by lane. It is suitable for pools with an area of at least 300 m2 and more.


The proliner navi3 is equipped with a high-tech sensor. This allows fully automatic and systematic lane by lane cleaning for any pool. The device detects obstacles such as e.g. water mushrooms and bypasses them safely, so that the transported cable is not coiled. After work, the device switches off automatically. It cleans, for example, a pool of 12,5 x 50 m in less than 2.5 hours.

Cleaning performance

The vacuum up to 20 kg generated by the hydraulic system, the construction of the device and the scrubbing action of the brushes ensure a cleansing leaving clear traces - in all pools with a water depth of 20 cm and more. In addition, the unit is equipped on both sides with side brushes, which remove the dirt from side edges and corners.


A sophisticated hydraulic system guarantees effective cleaning performance across the entire width of the appliance. The dirty water runs through the filter and then through the pump. This way, the pump is protected against blockage and damage.

Filter capacity

6 lamella filter cartridges are designed as a filter area up to 6 m2. Only with a large filter surface is it possible to filter out large dirt quantities. The filter cartridges are located in a filter box. This practical container can be removed from the top of the unit and carried to the cleaning area without loss of dirt.


Equipped with a trolley and a cable drum, the proliner navi3 is easily manoeuvrable on ground and neatly stowable, if not in use. The robot can be driven in the pool with operating drives. Using the integrated function of re-emergence, it moves itself from the pool ground back on the water surface, where it can be simply driven out of the pool by using the drives.

Scope of delivery

  • Cleaning device with integrated filter box and filter set

  • Transport trolley with cable drum

  • Remote control with features such as operating hours and cycle counter, menu choice, parameter settings

  • Radio remote control

  • Commissioning and staff training on site

Technical data

Weight and dimensions

Weight transport trolley with cable

62 kg

Weight robot

43 kg

Total net weight105 kg

Dimensions robot (W x L x H)

61 x 83 x 52 cm
Dimensions robot on transport trolley (W x L x H)78 x 106 x 115 cm

Electrical connection

Supply voltage

100-120/200-240 V AC


50/60 Hz

Current consumption

6-4 A
Nominal output0,5 kW
Power cable, length10/20 m

Device data

Operating voltage

24 V DC


16 A

Input power

0,45 kW
Protection type  IP 68
Protection class   III
Cleaning widthup to 700 mm
Pump capacity850 l/min
Climbing abilityInclinations up to 28°
Filter media6 lamella filter cartridges   50/100/130 my
Length floating cable30/40/50 m
Travelling speed 7,5-18 m/min


Automatic drive patterns

H, N, X-program   more

Setting of the start time for automatic mode

Immediate start or start delay

Switch-over in automatic mode
  • on wall contact
  • after a certain distance
  • on inclination
  • ahead of a pit
  • on obstacles
  • for beach pool
Manual operationWith radio remote control forward, backward, turning left, turning right, turning on the spot, 3 speeds

Environment properties

Minimum water depth

20-30 cm 

Maximum water depth

10 m (8-10 m with reservations)

Water temperature10-40 °C
Water qualityFreshwater, sea, thermal, brine water, baths with conventional or biological water treatment