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The history of the Mariner 3S swimming pool cleaners


The battery-powered manual suction cleaner Oscar comes with the proven mariner 3S lamella filter cartridge technology.

Thanks to its battery operation, Oscar cleans without the restriction of an electrical cable and thus enables greater freedom of movement without the need for a power socket.

proliner natur

The successor to the pool floor cleaning device with high-pressure unit, which was launched in 2014.

The proliner natur has an integrated rotor, which is operated at high pressure in order to loosen the stubborn biofilm from the pool floor, effectively vacuum it, transport it into the filter box and filter it out. The dirt is not only loosened, but also removed from the pool at the same time.

proliner tube

In the case ofvery heavily polluted pools, the filter capacity in the robot is not sufficient to clean the dirty water. The filters would be clogged in no time. This is where the proliner tube comes in.

The cleaning device does not have an integrated filter box like the other Mariner 3S models. The dirty water is pumped out of the basin via an additional hose. The water is then filtered outside of the pool orfed directly to the waste water.

proliner navi3 & puromat

The mariner 3S navigator II and topliner are replaced by the new model proliner navi3. 6 lamellar filter cartridges with the largest filter surface available on the market relieve the stationary filter system. The proliner navi3 is equipped with a High tech Sensor and rotating brushes. In addition to the driving patterns N, H and X, an innovative segmental cleaning of the pool is now possible. Strong suction power, high cleaning efficiency, the largest filter capacity, intelligent automatic cleaning and high ease of use.

With the introduction of the new large filter cartridges, the filter cleaning device Puromat has been redesigned. The cleaning technique remains the same. What is new is that 3 filter cartridges can be cleaned at the same time. The Puromat filter cleaner can be manoeuvred by tilting on its wheels and the widened foot makes it easier to place it on a drain grate.

After a successful market launch in Switzerland, the proliner navi3 presents itself to an international trade audience at the INTERBAD fair in Stuttgart.

proliner & proliner plus

For large swimming pools over 25 meters length, which are smaller than olympic pools, and for thermal SPAS, Mariner 3S has developed the product line proliner. The proliner is capable of travel pattern X. The proliner plus has the basic sensor and is capable of travel patterns H, N and X. These high-performance cleaning robots for public and private baths combine powerful suction power, high cleaning efficiency, large filter capacity, intelligent automatic operation and ease of use in a compact robot which continues the clubliner series.

After a successful product presentation at the fair INTERBAD Stuttgart and AQUALIE Lyon in November 2016 the successive commercial launch worldwide of the proliner robots starts in April 2017.

Pool-floor cleaning appliance with high pressure unit

When it comes to the cleaning of organic or natural pools, they have the same requirements as conventional pools. The guests want a clean swimming pool.

In such pools, the water treatement works without chemical additives, with the effect that a bigger cleaning effort is needed to remove the biofilm from the pool floor. Due to customer demand, Mariner 3S AG decided to develop a pool cleaner with an integrated high pressure device. As a result, it is now possible to dissolve the persistent biofilm from the pool floor, effectively aspirate, transport into the filter box and filter it out. The dirt is not only dissolved, but removed from the pool. 

clubliner & clubliner plus

In autumn 2009, the mariner 3S clubliner presents itself to a professional audience on two big and important international fairs in Barcelona and in Cologne for the first time.

Developed especially for pools in the wellness industry the mariner 3S clubliner cleaning robot opens the entry into a new market for Mariner 3S. The cleaner integrates the technological innovations and know-how derived from years of work in the most compact form.

With the introduction of the new mariner 3S clubliner plus in Summer 2010, Mariner 3S marks another milestone in the swimming pool cleaning business: Just as the robots of the latest mariner 3S generation, the new clubliner plus is equipped with a basic sensor.

compact 400, compact 600 & topliner with basic sensor

compact 400, compact 600 and topliner are standardly equipped with a basic sensor. This allows even more directional stability and to use the fastest cleaning pattern of the world.

navigator II & topliner

The introduction of the two top models at the Interbad 2006 in Düsseldorf completes the trend-setting range of mariner 3S family: yellow, compact, topliner, navigator II.

Navigator II and topliner are even wider (700 mm), even stronger with two pumps (1.200 l/min), have a higher filter capacity and clean more effectively with the new running programs: from now on a 50 x 20 m Olympic pool can be cleaned in only 2,5 hours, comprehensively and fully automatically. In addition to the time savings, this means less wear and less maintenance costs.

compact yellow

Launch of the price cut models with adjustable brushes, rounding off the range downwards. All compact are optimised fluid dynamically at the Polytechnic University – the suction power becomes even stronger.


The compact600, the big brother of the compact400, amplifies the range of compact cleaners.

compact400 & progress

The new generation of swimming pool cleaners mariner 3S compact and mariner 3S progress are presented to the professional audience at the Interbad 1998 in Düsseldorf. After three years of research and development, two new types of appliances are equally brought to production. Both are equipped with the most modern technology and respond to the latest standards of safety extra-low voltage operation (< 30 VDC). Therewith 3S safeguards once more the technological advantage over its competitors.


This novelty is equipped with an intelligent navigation system with electronic compass, allowing for the first time an almost exhaustive automatic cleaning of Olympic pools or water parks, so to speak of all pools with complicated fantasy shapes.


The first automatic professional pool cleaner for smaller public indoor and outdoor pools is introduced at the Interbad trade faire in Düsseldorf and creates great interest from both users and trade suppliers. The first pool cleaner designed to be powered by low voltage even earns the envious respect of competitors.


The handheld vacuum cleaner Oscar is a handy suction device for cleaning swimming pools and water basins quickly and efficiently.

The Oscar is equipped with a submersible motor pump and a filter and can therefore be operated independently of the stationary filter system.


The standard1000 follows as the low budget version of the aps2000 for automatic cleaning of rectangular pools.


The mariner 3S aps2000 cleans automatic in parallel running courses, utilizing the magnetic field of the earth.


The standard is the logical and continuous development of the submatic: a small and versatile cleaner, path breaking for the future range of appliances.


The pool cleaner submatic remote control was developed and distributed. Thanks to this revolutionary development, the pool floors can from now on be cleaned via remote control.


"An underwater propelled pump" for manual pool cleaning