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Mariner 3S – a worldwide success

Mariner 3S AG develops, builds and distributes cleaning robots for professional pool cleaning - for indoor, outdoor and natural swimming pools. Thus for its customers, the company provides a vital contribution to keep the baths and pools reliably clean and thus long-term attractive.

The Swiss family-owned company established in 1945 has been dealing with the development and sale of automatic swimming pool cleaners since 1970, as one of the first companies. Thanks to the constant search for improvements, a close cooperation with specialised suppliers and the use of high-quality materials, skilled employees create outstanding high-tech products.

The high-tech cleaning robots by Mariner 3S AG are worldwide in use. In Switzerland, the customers are served directly by the parent company. Sales and customer services is realised in Austria, the Benelux countries, France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain via its own subsidiaries, in other European and overseas markets through authorised distributors.